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Experience the Ampersand Difference

At Ampersand, we’re not just your typical Internet Service Provider; we’re your bridge to a world of limitless possibilities in the digital realm. With a steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier internet services, a strong focus on exceptional customer satisfaction, and an unwavering dedication to meeting your online needs, we’re here to redefine your digital experience.

ampersand hi~technologies

Welcome to Ampersand Internet Services – Your Gateway to Digital Excellence

Ready to experience the internet the way it’s meant to be? Join the Ampersand family and let us connect you to the world with unbeatable speed and reliability. Contact us now to discuss your internet needs and discover the perfect plan for you. Welcome to a future filled with limitless online opportunities – welcome to Ampersand Internet Services.

With Ampersand Internet Services, the possibilities are endless. We are dedicated to enhancing your online and energy experiences, providing you with the tools you need to thrive in the digital age while embracing sustainable solutions for a brighter future.

Our Services

As a service oriented organization, we are committed to serving you better.

Internet Access

  • Residential Broadband Access for Closed communities(residential Estates, Industrial Estates)
  • High Capacity delivery to any part of the country starting from STM-1(155.5Mbps)
  • Campus Internet Capacity delivery
  • Data Center Solutions and Internet Aggregation

Network Distribution

  • Closed Community Distribution (Residential and Industrial Estates via enterprise wired and wireless)
  • Metropolitan Service Distribution (via High capacity RF Equipment and Optics Fiber)
  • Corporate Environment(via wireless or wired)

Network Security

  • Detection and Prevention
  • Proactive probing
  • Vulnerability check
  • Penetration testing
  • Network Audit
  • Routing & Switching

Renewable Energy

  • Processed Power Inversion
  • Solar Solutions
  • Dependable and portable power system that works just for you.


  • ICT Consultancy
  • Corporate Awareness on network security
  • Training on Network and Network security


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At Ampersand Hi~technologies, we prioritize relationships in business above all else. We believe that strong, authentic connections are the cornerstone of success. Our unwavering commitment to building and nurturing these relationships sets us apart in the business world. Whether it’s with our clients, partners, or employees, we value trust, transparency, and collaboration. With a deep-rooted belief that strong relationships lead to mutual growth and prosperity, we are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections that endure and flourish. We are here to help you!

Communication is an essential component for business performance in the world today. It owes credit to the much advancement in technology invention, that have contributed to making the routes to communication open, inexpensive, providing cross platform messaging between business globally.

Since January 2003, we have been deploying a wide range of Network communication solutions to customers ranging from individuals to the blue-chip Organizations, offering services that are of the high standards in practice and ethics at competitive rates.

As a team, we work on networks in small range as well as a larger scale of the Network communication system of our clients keeping in mind the security issues that may arise and are always proactive in preparation to design and implement security countermeasures, when network vulnerabilities arise.

Rendering timely, consistent, quality and efficient services to achieve customers loyalty for mutual benefits of all based on integrity.

Rendering timely, consistent, quality and efficient services to achieve customers loyalty for mutual benefits of all based on integrity.

Founder, Bidemi A. Olaiya | Ampersand Hi~technologies Limited