Network Content

Internet Access

The Corporate Internet Access solution provided by Ampersand Hi~technologies Limited is reliable, highly available and bandwidth is available on request. Ampersand Hi-technologies Limited, as a Network Solution Provider specializes in providing high bandwidth connectivity to corporate customers but not limited to Internet Access. It offers dedicated, secure and managed Internet access to enterprises with the highest service levels.

We have options of access delivery to our customer and with every sense of affordable costing. The options are as thus:

1. On Shore Internet Access
2. Off Shore Internet Access

“On shore Internet Access” is provided via the Network Infrastructure we have built over the years and the infrastructures enable of clients to enjoy Internet service through (a) either Licensed or Unlicensed Frequency Wireless Microwave Link or (b) Our Aerial Fibre Optics Network Infrastructure (though this depends on our coverage at this moment in time).

Our service is delivered via the latest Metro Ethernet networks we have created in the commercial hubs of large cities in Nigeria. We currently have one of the largest nationwide data transmission technology; our Metro Ethernet network can carry multiple gigabytes of internet traffic and it is not restricted by distances.

We have multiple capacities both on Glo1, WACS and Main One submarine fibre backbone; this gives us enough redundancy and offers peering with world class service providers to enable the best possible traffic routing.